Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call

source: annaandkristina.com/

Today, I met Anna from the locally produced TV show Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call on my lunch break.... I actually called her Kristina by accident! I was a bit embarrassed... I guess the nerves got the best of me. It looked like they were about to start filming and I had the privilege of a quick chat with Anna. I have to be honest in saying that I've only seen this show once or twice, but I'm an avid fan of their older show The Shopping Bags, where they do product testing and reviews. I never bought anything that didn't have the approval of at least 2 shopping bags! Anna mentioned they're spending a lot of time at H&M these days for the Beauty Call. It's a show about how to be stylish on a budget, which is in line with my fashion philosophy. I'm going to be one addicted viewer!