Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wedding Dress Shopping at Kleinfeld

Our wedding is 7 months away and I just said YES to a dress! Kleinfeld at Hudson's Bay in Toronto is absolutely stunning - the gorgeous open space on the 7th floor of the Bay holds an amazing selection of dresses. My first appointment was last week and I fell in love with a rather unique dress, which also had the stamp of approval by my bridesmaids and friends! I realize that getting a graduate degree and planning a wedding in the same year means major expenses.  I'm sticking to my wedding budget thanks to my planner and by using Mogo Prepaid Visa® Card. I absolutely love their customized cards and this sweet little maracron card will help me stay on track and only spend what I've budgeted!

What I love about the MoGoCard:

  • No fees
  • FREE
  • No credit card aftershock
  • accepted anywhere Visa® is accepted
  • access to Mogo Perks
  • Text to get your balance
  • 40 card designs