Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monica Rich Kosann Jewelry

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting New York jewelry designer, Monica Rich Kosann, at a private dinner at Colette Grand Cafe in Toronto.  Monica, who is also a great photographer, used to collect vintage lockets, cigarette cases, and powder compacts to compliment her photography.  Many of her clients began to ask about the unique pieces so she decided to start developing her own collection of jewelry and home accessories. Her beautiful collection is sold online and in boutiques in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia.

I love that Monica designs timeless pieces with heritage in mind and asks whether each piece would be passed on from mother to daughter. Each of her pieces tells a truly unique story. The miniature pocket watch key necklace Monica kindly gifted me is inspired by the keys used for winding pocket watches at the turn of the century. Designed with stones like rose quartz, blue topaz and rock crystals, this necklace is so elegant and great for everyday wear.