Thursday, July 3, 2014

I said Oui in Paris

After 5 days in 3 countries, our Europe trip was beginning to feel like a whirlwind. We were excited to arrive in Paris and have a relaxing week-long visit.  It was our second time in this beautiful city so we knew where we wanted to go, what to see and of course, what to eat! What I didn't know was that the love of my life was planning on asking me to marry him.

It happened at the top of the dome at Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre. I wasn't thrilled about climbing 300 steps up a narrow spiral staircase to get to the top but the view at this high point was well worth the dizziness! The Paris skyline was half lit with rays of the sun after a rain shower and we couldn't help but stand there for a half hour admiring its beauty. It was then he pulled out a small notebook from his coat pocket. Reading his words on the past, present and future in the setting of an 100 year old basilica made my eyes water and before I knew it, he was on his knees! It was a blur from there (literally, since I couldn't see!) and after I said yes I apparently repeatedly asked if that just happened. 

We continued on to Barcelona after Paris and spent the rest of our vacation enjoying our new "status" and getting used to saying fiancé (first time he said it I heard Beyoncé!). Surely it'll take awhile since we've been girlfriend/boyfriend for nearly a decade! While we have talked about marriage over the past couple of years, our focus was always on education and career development. This year marked a new milestone with his graduation and my acceptance into a post-graduate program and we're so thrilled to have a third reason to celebrate! I couldn't have dreamed of a better proposal and cannot wait to celebrate our 10 year anniversary next year with a summer wedding!