Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I left my heart in Santorini

 EightSixty Top from Violet Hill Boutique, Zara shorts, Marc Jacobs bag

After visiting the beautiful island of Santorini, I can honestly imagine packing up my life and moving into a little white-washed house nested on top of the cliffs. There really is nothing quite like it. We arrived at the old harbour and took an exhilarating donkey ride up 587 steps to the principal town of Fira. The boy and I loved every moment of it! After a 20 minute ride on windy roads, we finally arrived at the magical village of Oia. To no surprise, the stunning cliff-perched town and the aegean sea took my breath away! We walked up and down and up and down the zigzag pathways and found one amazing view after another. For that panoramic 'money shot', the boy went a little too close to the edge of the cliff than I'm comfortable with. The photos were well worth it in the end and they now have a permanent spot as my desktop wallpaper. I'll be gazing into them and daydreaming about our next visit, real soon I hope!


fshnonmymind said...

Ugh, these pictures are just too beautiful for words. Santorini is one of the places I want to visit, so this post made me think that vacation fund needs to be more of a priority.

Thanks for sharing and glad to hear that you loved it!

Beautygirl24 said...

I've been drooling over all of your updates on Instagram! I don't blame you for never wanting to leave. It looks like a beautiful place!

eloiselabetise said...

Stunning photos! That place looks really fantastic! xxx


lisa said...

Aww looks like you and J had a great time! Beautiful pics. (I can't help but be reminded of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!)

doyouspeakgossip said...

Wow! Amazing shots!
I'm so glad you liked my country! I have visited Santorini in the past and it's indeed one of the most beautiful islands. I really hope I can visit it again in the future.

Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

Marisa said...

These photos are stunning! Greece is a country on my bucket list to visit and these photos make me want to travel there right now. Sounds like you had an amazing time. How neat that you rode on a donkey to get up to the town!


Cee said...

These photos! All I can think about looking at them is how soon I can possibly get to Santorini - because travelling there is definitely no longer an option :) The colours are absolutely stunning. You must have had the most amazing time while you were there. So glad to have discovered your blog through my friend Alex from To Vogue of Bust. I love meeting new Vancouver bloggers - I'll definitely be sifting through your archives tonight. And visiting your etsy shop!

Maggie ☮ said...

your photos are just so breath taking! :)

compradora anonima said...

wow i wanna go rigth now, is gorgeous

brookemeagan said...

These pictures are just WOW! My boyfriend and I might have to rethink our holiday destination this year because thanks to these gorgeous images, I've got nothing but white buildings, blue seas and donkey rides on my mind! I'm stopping by from Alex's blog after seeing her feature your beautiful LOVE COCO bracelet. I'm a sucker for pearls and am looking forward to checking out your Etsy shop and entering the giveaway above. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! XO

Love Cardelia said...

These pictures are stunning! I love your outfit the top and the white shorts is perfect and its so fitting with the beautiful setting ;)


Carolyn said...

omg i can't wait to go! i would leave my heart there too. it's gorgeous

Martina said...

amazing pictures!
u have a new reader here!
hope u follow me back?:)

Martina said...

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I Am Alexa said...

Your travel pictures are amazing! :)


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