Saturday, March 6, 2010

Olympic Blues

Club Monaco top and gloves, Elie Tahari leather jacket, Aldo necklace, Zara booties, Balenciaga city

17 days, 14 golds, 1 truly amazing experience for Vancouverites and the world alike. I'll wrap it up by leaving you with a pic of the Olympic cauldron. I'm slowing recovering from the after-Olympic blues and yes, this will be my last Olympics related post... I promise. Back to regular programing this week!

During the games, I met up with the lovely Annette from The VersaStyle. Connecting with amazing people like Annette is truly the greatest thing about blogging. I love how the only picture we got together has a line of umbrellas as a backdrop, classic Vancouver! Hopefully when I visit her in LA, we'll get to hang for more than a 30 min coffee chat!

P.S., Check out my contribution to the latest issue of Style Sampler Magazine: